Denture Repair/Reline

Denture Repair


Everyday activities can negatively impact the wearer’s dentures. Brushing with toothpaste, dropping them, coming into contact with hot liquids, manually manipulating them to alter their shape and allowing the dentures to dry out are just a few of the ways dentures can become damaged or warped. A dentist can effectively fix or refit a patient’s dentures to ensure their functionality and longevity. This resolution can often be completed in just one day.


Denture Reline

Everyday activities, along with general wear and tear, can erode or alter the patient’s dentures. After a period of time, dentures will need to be relined by an experienced dentist. This will ensure proper fit, functionality, appearance, and comfort. Relining dentures can help avoid future bacteria buildup or abrasions that can occur to the gums if the dentures are not fitting properly.

Repairing Vs. New Dentures

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